My vision

Imagine me being able to add every one of you to my iPhone at a show or on the street when you purchase a CD from me. Now imagine me sending you an invite to a private event I'm hosting in your city. How cool would that be? Actually having the technology to look up every member of my fanbase on my iPhone and actually know who they are on a personal level. This is the dream I've always had. To be able to actually recognize you at the meet & greet. To be able to actually know how you were feeling yesterday because I caught your latest posts on Instagram and Twitter. That is why I've started this club and turned my existing phone into a SuperPhone, a technology that landed my mentor Ryan Leslie on this cover of Black Enterprise magazine: 

Ryan has been a mentor of mine since I began producing music in 2006. I remember watching his YouTube videos and studying his production and recording style and technique. When I was invited to be a part of his amazing platform to help build my fan base it was an obvious no brainer.  

As I continue to grow my fan base and get to personally know as many of you that I can. I can do none of this without you guys.

Hit me anytime via email or text: or 713-242-1556 - I handle my own email and phone. 

-Tony J